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My name is Stephanie, and I am the owner and founder of The Good Love Company, Master Relationship Coach and Mentor..

and a former dating disaster who spent over a decade in absolute hell.

I couldn’t figure out what my problem was...  

I felt so confused. I always thought I was a catch, but why was I always getting dumped? Why was I always attracting players and deadbeats? It was a constant battle that left me emotionally bankrupt and bitter. My solution was to drink, party, run with masculine energy in an effort to numb out and play the game.

If you cant beat em, join em, right?

I had no clue the problem was me.

After some deep soul work and massive surrender, I woke up.

My man came into my life in April 2015,

two months after I begged the universe for help. TWO months after I set my intention to call in a good love, he came.

Our love isn’t perfect – that doesn’t exist – but he IS perfect for me. He is truly my other half, and vital to my existence.

I knew I was on to something massive I knew that my method was successful, and that it WASN’T WHAT WAS BEING TAUGHT. We were taught to date one-dimensionally, that we had to act a certain way to become more attractive, when really, that just continues the cycle of 1 dimensional dating.