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One on One Relationship Coaching

Every woman is different in her circumstances, experiences and beliefs but what everyone shares is the desire to love and be loved. It's our birthright. It's how we got here. Nobody can fight love, truly, because only love is real. The reason why people get tripped up by love is because their have an outdated belief system running the show, which almost always leads to heartbreak and frustration. You know you're better than what you've been doing, and you know you deserve your own good love.

Here is how we work together:

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A la love

These powerful deep dive sessions are just right if you need guidance on something specific, a break up, a perspective shift, help with a decision, you name it. This is for you if you aren't looking to commit to a longer transformation, but need quick help.

1/90 minutes $300

3/90 minutes $750


The Tune Up -- 6 Week Program

Together over six weeks, we will dig deep into what is going on with your current romantic life. There is always an underlying reason for the lack of love in your world. We work through quickly to assess your Romantic Blueprint and really shine a light on the areas we can improve mentally, spiritually and emotionally. What happens? Clarity, identity reframe, new vibration, new man.


 3 Payments


Ready For Love -- 3 Months

This individualized program stretches you to really address deeper parts of yourself as we work to develop a deeper transformation. This length of time is suggested for those going through major life shifts, are ready and open to receive, or are needing healing work as well. What happens? Habits change, behaviour shifts, forgiveness, and a first kiss.


 4 Payments


The Total Package -- 6 Months

Individualized coaching program for those who want to truly master Romantic Love. Excellent choice for those who are seeing a true overhaul in their spiritual, mental and emotional lives. This private coaching journey is the most extensive, transformative and jaw dropping. The Total Package is for someone who is sick and tired of being sick and tired. What happens? You finally become her, your shadow work lessens, your ego takes a seat, and it's raining men.


 4 Payments

1:1 Coaching Faq

1--"What is it like to work with you?"

I am an intuitive, clairaudient sensitive who has the ability to tap into what is going on in your inner world, and I help you shift that so your outer world changes. I'm firm but loving, and I've been through hell and back myself so you are probably my client because we relate.


2--"how do we talk?"

Via FB messenger, or Skype voice. I do not do video calls.

3--"Are you a match maker?"

NOPE! I am a former dating disaster who made so many mistakes, and then learned from them, to teach others. I have a background as a writer of love and sex columns for online and print media, and I am also a certified Astrologer and Reiki master.

4--"How does coaching work?"

Every week we will chat about what is going on in regards to your Romantic life. As a client it is your responsibility to book your session and do the soul work assigned. As a coach, it's my responsibility to give you a higher perspective and guide you to realize your amazing, soul shattering potential. It's like being in the photo and not seeing the frame, it's my job to mentor and teach you so that you can live your best life, and share that with someone who wants and sees only you


Each session is a private council on where you are, what we need to move through, with intuitive guidance and personalized soul work to follow every call. You also have access to me via voice memo, email, and any private message device you use during my office hours. You will have lifetime access to any course of mine, and any resources from GLC. Stop bugging your girlfriend, throw away those bitchy dating guides and stop googling. The answers are all within you, it's time to pull them out.