Life coaching, with love in mind.
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It's more than just relationship coaching -



it's a movement and my Personal mission to bring back connection and vulnerability, the secret sauce to an amazing, high frequency Relationship. Everything we've been taught about Romantic Love is wrong. Dangerous, even. Good Love is about dropping the one dimensional dating in favour of becoming the vibrational match of what you desire. You are valuable, beautiful, worth fighting for, and it's time to stop playing small and finally be seen, cherished and adored. I use energetic modalities, my clairaudient gifts, neurolinguistic programming, plus a good old fashioned 'been there' approach to help you see what is holding you back from attracting your match.

What the GLC is not -

A get a man in 90 days templated program. (Although my clients do tend to start seeing radical shifts in about two months) Or A man bashing faux feminist program. The Good Love Company teaches you how to teach inside yourself to discover who you are and what you actually WANT so you can learn to live in that vibrational space which will make you a magnet for the perfect match for you. I teach about High Frequency pairings. I work with the perma single, to the woman who has been married for thirty years -- at the end of the day we all want the same thing. To be seen, chosen, and nurtured. I teach pattern awareness and interruption. Nothing changes if nothing changes, and my job is to guide you to your own behaviours and support you in shifting them in order to align with the Good guy you've always wanted

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Why choose working with me over another course, ebook or webinar?


Precision pattern interruption. The ability to be shown and guided to your ultimate truth-- what is keeping you stuck, single and miserable?

Why trust me?


I am a former dating disaster, former addict, living in utter chaos and unmanageability. I was miserable and confused and spent a decade in hell. I am an abuse survivor, PTSD survivor, and I have dated every bad dude there is. I figured out EXACTLY what I was doing wrong, cleaned my crap up, did serious soul work and manifested my unicorn of a hubby in two months. (Fun fact, most of my clients have found around the two month mark their lives change)

My set of unique skills gifts and talents, and my zone of genius is pinpointing the pattern, theme and belief that is keeping you out of love and guiding you through it -- you can't get more personal and involved than this.

Together we will assess your romantic blueprint and your core beliefs about love, and through energetic work, neurolinguistic programming and dose of "been there" tough love we get you in a place where you can become a beacon for romantic love, GOOD love.


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Six Weeks - perfect for a quick shift


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Three Months - My Most Popular


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Six Months - most intensive, most commitment, most breakthroughs


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90 min Deep dive sessions for quick coaching